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Blueseal Dictionary
Comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus for German, English, Spanish and French. More than 1.5 million entries.
3 Stars
Collins Dictionary
The comprehensive bestselling English, French, Spanish and German dictionaries now free online. Audio pronunciations, synonyms, 2 million unique example sentences from books, images from Flickr, 500 years of word trends.
3 Stars
Merriam-Webster Online
Dictionary, thesaurus, word games. Scripts from radio program "Word for the Wise." Audio feature offers audio pronunciations of some words.
3 Stars
Online dictionaries for more than 250 different languages as well as other linguistic and etymological resources.
3 Stars
Presented by TU Chemnitz this dictionary has 900.000 entries. Input features include special characters (German umlauts), wildcards, gender of nouns, spelling, pronunciation, word lists, conversions.
2 Stars
Construction Jargon
Source for home building construction terms, definitions, pictures, and software.
2 Stars
Online dictionary to quickly lookup English words. It defines words and also allows you to listen to audio pronunciations.
2 Stars

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