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Keep Kids Healthy
A pediatrician's guide to children's health and safety. Covers newborn to adolescent and includes parenting tips, symptom guide, first aid, and indexed articles.
3 Stars
About Our Kids
A child and adolescent mental health and parenting resource. Tips, news, articles, events, research, and programs.
2 Stars
Child and baby health advice and remedies for pain and fever associated with teething, coughs, headaches, immunisations and other ailments and illnesses. Includes Calpol product information.
2 Stars
Child and Youth Health
Offers a data base of child health and information for parents. Provides publications, tips of the week and safety.
2 Stars
Children with Diabetes
Research updates, legislative information, chat groups, interviews, links to diabetes-related organizations. Resources for a diabetic student in school, diabetes humor, recipes.
2 Stars
Children's Cardiovascular Medicine
Providing services for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Five metropolitan Atlanta locations.
2 Stars
Classic Behavioral & Therapy Center
Provides early intervention, pediatric therapy services, home therapeutic services and workshops for physical therapists in New Jersey. Therapy locations in Lakewood, Hazlet, Mercerville, Ocean County and Monmouth County.
2 Stars
Dan Marino Foundation
Supporting integrated treatment programs for children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities.
2 Stars
Epignwsi Special Treatments Center
Greek prevention center, developmental disabilities diagnosis and rehabilitation concerning the child, the adult and the family. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism, and psychotherapy.
2 Stars
Official site with information about the treatment of IGF 1 deficiency. Includes side effect, safety information and more.
2 Stars
iScreen Vision, Inc.
A portable pediatric vision-screening solution that can detect vision abnormalities in children and infants.
2 Stars
Prescription Treatment Website
Discover a once-daily prescription liquid ADHD treatment that may help increase attention and decrease impulsiveness and hyperactivity in patients with ADHD ages 6 and older.
2 Stars
Sounds of Pertussis
Whooping cough, or pertussis, is a potentially fatal disease that parents can unknowingly pass on to their babies. Hear the cough that commonly occurs in those with pertussis.
2 Stars
Touchpoint Pediatrics
Chatham, NJ pediatric and adolescent medical care. Provides healthcare information for parents and educational resources for children and teens. New patient info, forms, and contact details.
2 Stars
Alliance for Human Research Protection
AHRP helps safeguard the rights of children in medical experiments. Information is also available about the History of Human Research, and ethical violations in the news.
1 Star
Child and Family WebGuide
Directory that evaluates, describes and provides links to sites containing child development research and practical advice.
1 Star
Child Nutrition Program, Inc.
Offers help to eligible child care centers and homes to serve nutritious meals and gives a list of useful links.
1 Star
Enuresis Treatment Center, Inc.
Offers a treatment program to end bed wetting (enuresis), based on the knowledge of health care and behavioral science professionals.
1 Star
Kids Have Strokes
Infant and childhood stroke awareness campaign sponsored by the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA). Includes material about symptoms, diagnosis, causes, treatment, research, and support groups.
1 Star
Kiss It Make It Better
Offers articles for parents on children's health. Topics include parenting, pregnancy, nutrition, primary care, and medicine.
1 Star
Liz Barratt
Offers educational support and behaviour consultancy in Singapore, for children with autism and other special needs.
1 Star
Meningitis Vaccination
When choosing a meningococcal vaccine, doctors look for proven immunogenicity, well-established safety, and convenience.
1 Star
Includes manual of pediatrics, diseases and conditions, a drug directory, medical calculators, and medical search engines.
1 Star
Patient Puppets
Manufacture puppets used by child life specialists, nurses, doctors, social workers and counselors to provide information and support to children. Feature company profile, product details, testimonials, ordering and pricing information.
1 Star
Pedbase - Pediatric database
Provides information on various pediatric and medical disorders.
1 Star
Speech Therapy Talk
An all-inclusive resource on speech therapy, speech and language development, and ideas of how to help your child at home.
1 Star

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