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Free online file conversion tool. Supports more than 60 file formats.
2 Stars
CovalentWorks EDI
Details EDI services and solutions provided by company and also includes an EDI demo, EDI learning center, and glossary of terms.
2 Stars
File Extensions
Search for file extensions alphabetically, by symbol (if the three-character extension name includes one), type, or by number.
2 Stars
File Extensions Resource
Database of file extensions with detailed information about each associated file type. Includes a list of programs that open each file extension.
2 Stars
Tracker Software Products
Develops fast, light PDF software for viewing, converting, and editing PDF documents.
2 Stars
Xamarin WPF Chart SciChart
Offer cross-platform WPF, iOS and Android Charting Libraries. Capable of rendering real-time charts with many millions of datapoints. Recently released the Xamarin.iOS and the Xamarin.Android bindings.
2 Stars
Amosoft EDI Services
Provides EDI services: integration with QuickBooks, PeachTree and SAP EDI standards, X12 subsets, and transactions sets.
1 Star
Reviews the history of ASCII character codes; features a table of standard US ASCII codes and their hexadecimal and character equivalents.
1 Star
Shares a database telling which programs open what file extensions, listed by extension in alphabetical order. Features an informative FAQ, general information, and suggestions.
1 Star
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Development base for the Ghostscript interpreter for PostScript and PDF. Documentation includes introduction, FAQs, manual, notes, newsgroups, and books. Links to Ghostscript community site and downloads at SourceForge. CD available.
1 Star
Methodize Solutions
Offers open source software products including nntp//rss, an RSS/NNTP bridge, and quickSub, a javascript for popup subscription to an RSS feed on the XML button. Includes documentation, downloads, and forums.
1 Star
Topicmap Design
Topic map designer, browser and hyper viewer form a set of tools that support the ISO standard and - for export only - the new XTM 1.0 standard. Includes links to topic map standards and engines.
1 Star

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