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Includes facts and statistics about skin health and safety in the sun, a guide for parents, and information on subjects such as sun exposure, ultraviolet rays, UV index, sunburn, tanning, sunglasses, sunscreen.
2 Stars
National Rosacea Society
Provides information and resources for rosacea patients and health providers. Includes newsletter, blog, free patient education articles and materials, physician finder, tools for physicians and health professionals, and research grants.
2 Stars
New Zealand DermNet
Provides information about the skin for health professionals and patients, organized for patients, general practitioners, and dermatologists. Information about skin diseases and conditions. Directory of dermatologists in New Zealand.
2 Stars
Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Information Center
Collection of folklore, photographs, and medical information about the allergic skin rashes caused by contact with these wild plants. Includes sections on plant identification, the chemistry of soap, and plant removal and control.
2 Stars
Skin Care Guide
Discover how to identify your skin condition and skin treatment options. Ask personal questions to a professional skin care specialist.
2 Stars

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