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Cretaceous Fossils
Index of information related to cretaceous fossils. Includes sections on vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, minerals, pearls, amber. Reference library.
2 Stars
Dino Russ's Lair
Includes dinosaur art, digs, eggs, exhibits, information, and links to other sites.
2 Stars
Contains taxonomic dinosaur database, paleontological illustrations, news of recent discoveries. Includes a page for kids.
2 Stars
Dinosaur namelists, reconstructions, skeletal diagrams, descriptions of dino diet, interviews with paleontologists, news, and period-specific plate tectonic maps.
2 Stars
Discovery Channel Dinosaurs Blog
An excellent and informative resource on everything related to dinosaurs. Includes blog posts, TV listings, and video.
2 Stars
Follow a Fossil
Documents the prospecting, evacuation, preparation, curation, research, and exhibiting of vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant fossils.
2 Stars
Fossil Facts and Finds
Information about fossils and fossil collecting. Includes descriptions of eras, types of fossils, and a buyer's guide.
2 Stars
Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum
Take a tour of the museum. Also includes information about the museum and links to related sites.
2 Stars
Leakey Foundation
Presents history of the organization as well as membership information, grants information, and FAQ. Includes an interactive timeline of discovery and an audio archive of many of paleoanthropology's great pioneers.
2 Stars
Oceans of Kansas
Devoted to the denizens of the late Cretaceous Western Interior Sea. Have a look at mosasaurs and plesiosaurs, fossil shark discoveries, and artwork.
2 Stars
Strange Science
Covers mistakes made in the fields of paleontology and biology. Includes contemporary artistic renderings of sea serpents, unicorns, and other creatures.
2 Stars
Walking With Dinosaurs
Presented by the BBC, includes a timeline, dinosaur facts, fossils, news, and related links.
2 Stars
Zoom Dinosaurs
Online book with information about dinosaurs, extinction, anatomy and behavior, and news. Also has activities and related links.
2 Stars

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