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Joi Ito Web
A blog about the Internet and related software and technologies, with much of the content pertaining to authoring. Includes a Wiki linked in to the blog, photo albums, papers, and links.
Relatively Interesting
Promoting science, skepticism, critical thought, and the beauty of the natural world. Learn a little, laugh a little!
Science Blog
Breaking news, articles, and lists of top ten stories.
Reader contributed news stories covering technical and current interest topics. Owned by Open Source Development Network, Inc.
Web log dedicated to cars, arranged by type. Also covering audio, aftermarket, gadgets, maintenance, and trends.
News, reviews, videos, rumors, and classifieds. Also offering car photos from various auto shows, and upcoming releases.
Biotech Brasil Blog
Blog commentary and news about the benefits of GMOs in Latin America. In Portuguese.
Brainstorms and Raves
Daily Weblog about the Web, design, development, typography, and music of Shirley Kaiser.
Read and learn about elusive and rare animals (cryptids) like Bigfoot, Yeti, Chupacabra, Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Nessie, and Yowie.
Dienekes Anthropology Blog
A blog dedicated to the field of anthropology. Includes news on the field, recent anthropological discoveries and information on research findings.
Digitpedia News
Latest news reported by expert authors about new gadgets and other electrical products soon to be available to consumers.
FBAE Biotech Blog
Web log highlighting the benefits of genetically modified foods in India and throughout the world.
Future Now
Weblog discussing emerging technologies, their social implications, and their possible future impacts.
Gadget Venue
Blog about the latest gadgets and technology.
Genetics Digest
A collection of news and articles geared specifically to the genetics and DNA field.
Provides people with reviews and comments about latest gadgets and devices available in the market.
GMO Africa
Blog and news discussing the scientific evidence showing the benefits of genetically modified food.
GMO Food for Thought Blog
Commentaries, news, and analysis about potential benefits of genetically modified foods in the alleviation of hunger, malnutrition, and diseases in the world.
Hack A Day
Discussing every day a hardware hack in blog form. Hack cellphones, digital cameras, handhelds, ipods, computers, robots, and consoles.
International Academy of Life Sciences
Weblog about the application of life sciences and biotechnology to modern agriculture.
It's a Gadget
Blog containing news, articles and reviews from the gadget world.
Discussing new designs and technologies in the automotive industry, as well as gadgets and accessories.
Weblog that highlights faulty scientific data and reasoning in current news and explains how the data, results, or conclusions from studies may be misleading. Includes links to articles by the author in Fox News.
Blog dedicated to the things needed to get a better cooking experience. Read about kitchen gadgets, small and large appliances, and other accessories.
Land Rover: Our Planet
A blog discussing technology, environmental and sustainability issues in manufacturing from the perspective of Land Rover.
Latest Computer Gadgets Reviews
Provides people with reviews and comments about latest gadgets and devices available in the market.
Russian up-to-date news about smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.
Panda's Thumb
Group weblog on evolutionary theory, the claims of the anti-evolution movement, and the defence of the integrity of both science and science education.
Raoul Fraser Renewable Energy Blog
Raoul Fraser's renewable energy blog features important information on the renewable energy sector. His expertise comes from owning an operating some of the largest solar sites in the United Kingdom.
Retro Thing
Independent vintage gadget weblog founded by James Grahame. Discussing themes like books, cameras, film, games and toys, hi-fi, robots, and video and TV.
RFID Gazette
Regularly updated weblog with news about using radio frequency ID for supply chain management.
RFID Lowdown
Information and news on Radio Frequency Identification. Discusses uses by type of business along with equipment and standards.
Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends
Daily reviews of articles about new technologies and the way they are modifying our way of life.
Ruby Coloured Glasses
Articles and tutorials about writing Web sites with Ruby-on-Rails and working in the Web development community.
Science Bob
Science teacher and author blogs about science experiments you can do at home. Also has science fair ideas and a science Q & A section.
Online news and information resource providing the latest and breaking news in all technological fields.
Covering information on new sites, obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new social media products, social networks like Google, Apple, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Youtube and breaking tech news.
Truth About Cars, The
Get advice on what car to buy with detailed reviews and ratings.
USS Clueless
Commentary about war, politics, science and technology. Includes an archive of articles.
Valley Wag
News and gossip from the tech industry, with a focus on stories originating in Silicon Valley.
Web Monitoring Info
Articles about Web site performance monitoring, automated testing and trouble alert systems.
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