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Directory: Arts and Humanities ~ Humanities ~ Philosophy ~ Philosophy of Religion

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William Lane Craig Virtual Office
Find numerous articles by this Christian apologist, best known for his revival of the kalam cosmological argument. Also includes work on divine omnipotence and eternity.
3 Stars
Analytic Philosophy of Religion
Read published and unpublished papers by Michael Suddoth on a variety of subjects, from Plantinga's reformed epistemology to divine command theory.
2 Stars
Philosophy of Religion .Info
Explores the philosophical evidence for and against the existence of God, with material on Pascal's Wager, the ontological, cosmological and teleological arguments, the problem of evil and divine command theory.
2 Stars
Philosophical Themes from C.S. Lewis
Contains articles about and inspired by the work of C.S. Lewis, including essays on naturalism, religious pluralism, relativism, and the argument to design.
1 Star

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