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Global Voices Online
Journalistic blog with a daily collection of interesting conversations, information, and ideas appearing around the world.
Agonist, The
World political and business news and commentary. Includes frequent updates, an archive of past postings, and links to other blogs.
Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, The
Comments on news and current events from a conservative political view.
Blog Critics
Weblog discussing and evaluating news on media, popular culture, and technology. Includes homemade MP3s, books, and links.
Blog Herald, The
Provides blogging news, reviews, development and interviews.
Dean's World
Covers history, philosophy, science and cultural trends from a traditional liberal point of view.
Expats Blog
Offer regular expat news, a list of links to handpicked blogs and forums for worldwide destinations, and their Expat Blog awards.
A Weblog with posts about current events in the news and popular culture, with links to each news story covered. Includes text-only version for Macs and handhelds.
A photo-rich Web log about current events in the media, technology, crime, and other interesting occurrences.
Hit & Run
Reason Magazine's Web log offering editorial opinions on current events and issues of politics and culture.
Blog by Glenn Reynolds with comments and links to news and current events. Also available for PDAs. Includes links to other weblogs.
On-the-ground reports on critical events like the 2006 coup in Thailand, and the protests against the military junta in Burma.
Little Green Footballs
Comments with current event information links. Includes polls, archives, and reader comments.
Community Weblog covering current events. Includes archives, discussion area, and search.
Michelle Malkin
Syndicated columnist and author with commentary on current events. Includes links to several of her articles.
Comments on news stories sorted by category.
Right Wing News
Conservative blog with features, daily news, links to referrers, and comments.
So Cal Rants
Rants about California politics, "HollyWierd", sports and business
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
A Web log about current events in politics. Also includes a browser dashboard feature, links to free and subscription news, list of inbound links, and a built-in store.
Volokh Conspiracy, The
Group blog with news and commentary. Includes links to resources about the Second Amendment.
Winds of Change
Blog with news and comments about the War on Terrorism. Includes archives and links to reader comments.
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