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Artfan Design
Share design, digital art, programming, graphic resources, tutorials and tips for designers, developers, artists, and photography.
Jeffrey Zeldman
Daily report by Jeffrey Zeldman on Web design news and information. Including chapters of his book 'Designing With Web Standards', The Ad Graveyard, unusual graphic icons, movie stars interviews, and ambient MP3s.
Personal blog on life in general and Web design/development in particular. Includes a photo gallery, changeable site themes, pixel art, and a love story.
SEO Consultant Jerry Leach
Jerry Leach runs Binaryone, his SEO Consultancy providing a full range of tailored SEO services to a small number of clients. He also specialises in WordPress SEO and site management.
Web developer, Dan Cederholm, offers information on technology, standards and compliant Web design, portfolio, articles, and details on his upcoming book.
Stop Design
A Web designer's blog offering detailed information on design techniques like XHTML and CSS implementation, articles, design experiments, portfolio, and a bio.
Web Designer Depot
Offers Web design tutorials, tips, and free downloads.
Web Designer Wall
Designer, Nick La, shares his design ideas and modern Web design trends. Includes tutorials section and a job board.
Premium WordPress theme, plugin and development resource. Offers 24/7 WordPress support to paying customers.
WordPress tutorials, themes, news and plugins.
Zeus Host Blog
Your source for web design information, discussion or industry news.
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