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Daily Kos
Community for grass-roots activists, theorists, and political junkies. Offering breaking news, issue analysis, voting stats, and polling data. The Daily Dish
Links to articles about homosexuality, faith, politics, culture, people, and the war. Includes comments, interviews, letters, and book club.
Angry In the Great White North
Steve Janke analyzes Canadian federal politics from a right-wing perspective, but with an openness to the other side's arguments.
Conspiracy Theory Central
Political satire written from the perspective of a Stephen Colbert type on steroids. Taking right wing positions and pushing them over the cliff with humor.
Coyote Report, The
A counter-Drudge site which represents no particular political party and points to good reporting, resourceful links and videos with a positive and uplifting twist.
First Read
See early indications of the coming day's political coverage. Scan a daily memo prepared by NBC News’ political unit, for the NBC news team. Subscribe for text-only alerts.
Istanbul Notes
Commentary on political, cultural and economic developments in Turkey from an Irish writer in Istanbul.
Public policy, political commentary, humour observations upon current events, book reviews, and noteworthy quotes.
Last Men and OverMen
Daily liberal news blog with political commentary from a progressive perspective.
Peter Porcupine
The inventor of the political attack ad and commentary looks down at the issues of the present day, and offers his unique barbed criticism.
Talking Points Memo
A blog by a columnist, made up of a series of rather long and involved editorials about politics, government, and current events. Includes short autobiography, PDF document collection, and featured books.
Weblogs for the three major political affiliations, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Third Party.
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