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3D Total
3D resource site with news, free model libraries, galleries, jobs, interviews, articles, tutorials, and products.
3 Stars
A 3D industry professional forum dedicated to digital visual effects, 3D, digital illustration, compositing and computer graphics. A place to learn about the ticks of the trade.
3 Stars
DAZ Productions
Developer of 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tools like Carrara, Mimic, Bryce, and Hexagon. Features news, solutions, products, showcase, resources, and company info.
3 Stars
A large resource for 3D artists that includes articles, downloads, forum, job section and a gallery. Caters for 3dsmax, Maya and XSI users.
3 Stars
Developer of a 3D image and design solution, for CAD professionals, called Artlantis. Including product overview, services, support, and Web galleries.
2 Stars
Caligari Corporation
Developer of 3D design and animation tools for the Web. Company information, news, support, and galleries.
2 Stars
Humani Corporis Fabrica
Italian company specialized in virtual creation. Creator of a 3D anatomical atlas. History, mission, products, characteristics, and galleries. In Italian and English.
2 Stars
Illuminate Labs
Swedish company that develops and markets rendering and baking technology. Information about Turtle, gallery, news, and support.
2 Stars
Creators of 3D graphics software for television, film, print and games. The flagship application is Lightwave 3D. There is also a user forum.
2 Stars
Persistence of Vision
Offers a free, multiplatform, 3D graphics creation tool. Includes documentation, FAQ, newsgroups, competitions, artist hall of fame, and links.
2 Stars
Canadian developer of 3D animation tools for the games, film, and television industry. Including news, company info, product overview, support, and events.
2 Stars
Ultimate 3D Links
Large information resource for all major 3D applications, comprising forums, plugins, links, texture exchange, gallery and shop.
2 Stars
Vertigo 3D
3D plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
2 Stars
Chief Architect
Developer of professional 3D architectural design and drafting software. List product overview, video training sessions, and company info.
1 Star
CyberMotion 3D-Designer
German developer of software to generate, model and manipulate, and animate 3D worlds. Offers product info, a trial version, collections of 3D models, and a gallery.
1 Star
Electric Rain
Developer of Swift 3D, an application and plug-ins for 3DMax, Lightwave and XSI to render 3D vector images and animations and export them to Flash.
1 Star
3D graphics resources for Lightwave 3D users, plugins, news, tutorials and jobs.
1 Star
IKTRIX Impulse
Offers a pre-visualization and motion control solution. Integrated with leading 3D computer graphics packages, producing camera moves which are ready-to-run on motion control rigs.
1 Star

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