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Deja Vu
Timeline of Internet history and a browser emulator to show how sites look with the earliest versions of Web browsers.
2 Stars
Internet Archive
With the Wayback Machine you can surf the Web as it was. Web pages collected since 1996 by Alexa. The Internet Library offers special historical collections.
2 Stars
Computer History
Several articles on early computers, companies, languages, games and applications are put forward, along with photographs and a few downloads of vintage applications.
1 Star
Historia de Internet
The history of Internet and search engines in Spanish and English. Glossary of common Internet terms.
1 Star
Leonard Kleinrock's Home Page
UCLA professor who created the basic principles of packet switching. His official site features links to information about how the Internet was born, biographical information and a bibliography.
1 Star
Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet
Overview of technologies developed in World War II that would eventually make the Internet possible, the concept of packet switching, early applications in the corporate world, and global adoption.
1 Star
News of the Internet
Features selected articles from the hard copy newsletter "infoHighway", containing news about the Internet during an early growth period.
1 Star
World's First Web Server, The
Historical marker of the world's first web server. Includes an archived copy of the entire original site that dates back to 1992.
1 Star

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