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AVR International Ltd.
Corporate IT managers can source information and evaluate client, server and gateway security software. AVR is a multi-vendor reseller offering non-bias solutions coupled with technical support.
2 Stars
Bosanova Inc.
Storage encryption hardware appliances which provide security for back-up data and integrated security solutions for any platform.
2 Stars
Callio Technologies
Specializing in the field of computer security. Provides information about Callio Secura 17799, a software that helps companies comply with the BS 7799 / ISO 17799 information security management standard.
2 Stars
Complete, fully integrated cloud-based security platform. CloudAccess SingleSource is a unique platform that addresses key security requirements for many industries.
2 Stars
DeadMan's Handle
Application that covertly deletes all confidential information from your lost or stolen laptop, leaving no traces.
2 Stars
GamaSec Ltd.
Website security test to protect application and server against hackers. Automatic simulation attacks and vulnerability check reveal security breaches. Web security seal and free trial available.
2 Stars
Laptop Security Solutions
Physical and information security solutions. Cost effective equipment and services used by corporations, educational institutions and government agencies to protect, manage, track and recover mobile and network client computers.
2 Stars
NetBackup 7 Platform
Backup Sackup and recovery, archiving and integrated reporting across multiple domains, and more. See the key features of this backup solution from Symantec.
2 Stars
Password Magic Password Manager
Password manager andgenerator with automatic Web form filling and login.
2 Stars
Free online resource to find out what the exact nature and purpose is of the processes running on a computer.
2 Stars
Remove File
Remove file reviews all file and processes on PCs from .exe files to .dll files.
2 Stars
Trusted global leader of tokenless two-factor authentication. A leading firm in the world of mobile phone based one time password solutions.
2 Stars
Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery
Developers of software and applications to protect mobile devices and laptops using state of the art security software to encrypt, track, lock down and recover lost or stolen devices.
2 Stars

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