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Features BuddhaZine, guided meditation and other audio files, downloadable e-books and articles, information on meditation techniques, guide for studying Buddhism, history and culture, events information, browsable collection of links.
3 Stars
About Buddhism
Offers information about Buddhism and the beliefs of Buddhism. Includes history.
2 Stars
Borobudur: Pathway to Enlightenment
Devoted to Java's Mahayana Buddhist temple, Borobudur. Includes a timeline of related events and information on the history, excavation, restoration, and architecture on the "three-dimensional guide to Enlightenment."
2 Stars
Buddha Images
Buddha iconography. Gestures and postures of Buddha images explained. Mural temple paintings in Thailand : the 10 jatakas (previous lives of the Buddha).
2 Stars
Buddhist Community
Social networking site for Buddhists around the world.
2 Stars
Dedicated to Buddhists and Buddhism. News, calendar, mission, Dharma lectures, articles, recitations and Puja, and info about Pu Xian Buddhist Association. Available in Chinese and English.
2 Stars
Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Information about Buddhism, festivals, and meditation.
2 Stars
Gyuto House Australia
Multimedia presentation about the Gyuto Monks of Tibet in Australia. Also comprehensive news and information.
2 Stars
NapaCrafts Product
A Buddhists supply store located in Kathmandu, Nepal.
2 Stars
One Mind Dharma
Offers daily guided meditation emails, a mindfulness blog, and a Buddhist mala shop.
2 Stars
Share a Dream of Love
Buddhist e-cards, an oracle, Zen recipes, and related links.
2 Stars
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Literature and art on prayer, ritual, and meditation from the religious traditions of Tibet, India, and Nepal.
2 Stars
Visions of Enlightenment
Exhibition by the Pacific Asia Museum to uncover the world of Buddhism and its art. Includes info about the Buddha, Buddhist places, Bodhisattvas, deities, guardians, holy men, and symbols and ritual objects. Flash needed.
2 Stars
Buddhism Portal E-Sangha
Contains free e-books, discussion forum, free e-cards and a directory for Buddhists.
1 Star
Buddhist Information of North America
Free Buddhist e-texts, books, lectures, and teachings. Links to individual schools of Buddhism.
1 Star
Dharma Haven
Offers information on Tibetan Buddhism with extensive writings on the ways to enlightenment, Shambhala teachings, healing, exploring science through Buddhist principals, resources, and meditations.
1 Star
Fundamental Buddhism Explained
Offers an explanation of Buddhism based on the oldest written record of what the Buddha taught. Includes discourses based on the Pali Canon, instruction, and an explanation of nirvana.
1 Star
Glossary of Pali and Buddhist Terms
Pali words and technical terms with definitions sorted alphabetically and by subject.
1 Star
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Provides current and back issues, global resources for Buddhist studies, scholarly resources, free subscription information, online conferences, book reviews, and critical studies in Buddhism.
1 Star
Resources for the Study of Buddhism
Contains introductory reading list; links to general sites, Sutras, texts; links and writings about Buddhism and children, science, vegetarianism, animal welfare, death and dying, and respect for parents.
1 Star
Ultimate Meaning of Life
How to find the ultimate meaning of life in Buddhism for modern young people. Information about a weekly seminar.
1 Star
West Wind Prayer Flags
Prayer flags, inspirational cards, and garden flags. Also e-cards, history of Tibetan prayer flags, and photos from Nepal and the Himalayas.
1 Star

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