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Institute for Religious Research
Includes articles, Bible courses, book reviews, objections to religious claims, and related links. Available in several languages.
3 Stars
Statistical information on religious groups or organizations around the globe.
2 Stars
Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
A searchable database of various religious reviews and schools.
2 Stars
Wabash Center
Religious guide for better teaching and learning of theology and religion. Provides resources and programs for religious studies.
2 Stars
American Religion Data Archive
Information complied from surveys about religion in America. Search or browse by topic.
1 Star
American Religious Experience
Promote the publication of articles, manuscripts and images related to the past and present expressions of faith in America over the Internet.
1 Star
Center on Religion and Democracy
At the University of Virginia. Overview of the academic and professional staff, the Center's partnerships with organizations such as the Etext and Pew Centers and the public outreach programs of the Center.
1 Star
Divining America: Religion and the National Culture
Contains essays with images, links to other resources, and bibliographies on topics of religion in American culture from the 17th through the 20th centuries.
1 Star
Early Christian Writings
Information, analysis and translations of Gospels, Epistles, and documents of early Christianity.
1 Star
Ecole Initiative
Encyclopedia of pre-Reformation church history. Includes links to translated primary source documents, a glossary, essays, and images from religious art and iconography.
1 Star
Encyclopedia of Religion
Electronic version with entries on religion, religious organizations, prominent figures, and theory of religion from a social science perspective.
1 Star
How to Become a Pastor
Information and guidance on becoming a pastor or minister.
1 Star
John Templeton Foundation
Funds study into the nexus of science and theology. Information on grants, its mission, and ongoing projects.
1 Star
Christian teaching resource includes Sunday School lessons, Christian puppet scripts and other youth ministry aids.
1 Star
Lawrence W. Hilliard - Educator/Lecturer
For 25 years Mr. Hilliard has been a speaker specializing in philosophy, theology, ethics, Judaic Studies, Christology, and creation. In an anthropocentric world Lawrence Hilliard teaches from a theocentric perspective.
1 Star
Science meets Religion: Shroud of Turin
Best example for an integrative approach to Science and Christianity.
1 Star
World Religions Professor
A world religions professor explains the basic history, ideas and practices of several world religions from a purely educational and faith-neutral perspective. Designed for those wanting a basic overview.
1 Star

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