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Encyclopedia Mythica
Encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legends, divided into several areas including mythology, folklore, bestiary, heroes, image gallery, and genealogy tables. Brief overviews, articles and links to more information.
2 Stars
Folklore and Mythology Texts
A collection of e-texts sorted alphabetically.
2 Stars
Götter und Sagengestalten
Glossary of deities and heroes of 27 different mythologies of the world. Offers a searchable database, with names and characteristics. In German.
2 Stars
In Search of Myths and Heroes
Companion site to PBS program, highlighting the Queen of Sheba, Shangri-La, King Arthur, and Jason and the Argonauts.
2 Stars
Joseph Campbell Foundation
Furthers the work and spirit of its namesake, one of the foremost interpreters of myth. Includes information about the foundation, resources, and projects.
2 Stars
Offers information on Gods, Titans, Angels, Demons, Monsters and Mythical Creatures. Covers all major origins including Greek, Norse, Roman, Egyptian, Japanese and Hindu.
2 Stars
Seachable database of gods and mythological figures from around the world.
1 Star
Indian Divinity
Descriptions of principal characters (with pictures) from Indian (Hindu) mythology, and stories about divine beings.
1 Star
Indian Mythology
Stories from Indian mythology and folk-lore: including Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Jataka tales, Panchatantra and Vikram-Betaal.
1 Star
Indian Mythology by ApamNapat
Cross-referenced collection of Indian (Hindu) myths and legends with encyclopedic articles on mythological characters.
1 Star
Myth*ing Links
Annotated and illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales, folklores, sacred arts and traditions.
1 Star
Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythology. Presents resources and reference materials about mythology including recommended books, forums and lexicons.
1 Star
Timeless Myths
Myths, legends, and descriptions of the pantheon from Greek, Roman, Norse and Celtic mythology, including Arthurian legends.
1 Star

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