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Xenu TV
Provides original video clips on various Scientology practices, interviews with ex-Scientologists and how the organization negatively impacted their lives, legal videos, and pickets.
3 Stars
Freedom Magazine
Features news and information on issues such as human rights and drug abuse and what can be done about it, presented by the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles. Also includes documentary videos, subscription options, and past issue archives.
2 Stars
Operation Clambake
Provides opposing views regarding the Church of Scientology. Includes news, articles about the founder and the organization, lawsuits initiated by the Church, and links to related resources.
2 Stars
Religious Technology Center
Describes the function of the organization in enforcing orthodox application of the Scientology technologies.
2 Stars
Contains general information, history and growth of the Scientology, church locations around the world, bookstore, and biographical information on L. Ron Hubbard. Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
2 Stars
Scientology Baton Rouge
Offers to help you find solutions if you are looking for answers to life.
2 Stars
Scientology Effective Solutions
Provides information about the Church of Scientology in Europe, its activities in providing solutions to the problems of life and contact information. Download the brochure in 8 languages.
2 Stars
Scientology Today
Keep abreast of international and local Scientology news. Learn about founder L. Ron Hubbard and RTC Chairman of the Board David Miscavige.
2 Stars
Way to Happiness, The
Offers better life skills, self improvement, moral codes and business success tips that help individuals seeking the pursuit of happiness find a happy, healthy, and moral life. Free information kit.
2 Stars
What is Scientology?
Comprehensive information for believers of Scientology and those who wish to know more about the contemporary religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard. A "What is Scientology" book available at the online bookstore.
2 Stars
Christianity and Scientology Compared
Links and information regarding the Church of Scientology and its alleged compatibility to Christianity.
1 Star
Dianetics and Scientology Succeses
Stories from scientologists who are applying the technologies by L. Ron Hubbard to their lives. In five languages.
1 Star
Dianetics: Understanding the Mind
Explains what how the mind works and the role of Dianetics in understanding it.
1 Star
Founding Scientologists
Presents stories from people who have applied Scientology and Dianetics to lead successful and happy lives.
1 Star
Index Page for Articles on Scientology
Read articles in German, Danish, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch.
1 Star
International Association of Scientologists
Presents the purpose, history, and some of the many accomplishments achieved by IAS members.
1 Star
Introduction to Scientology
Offers information on Scientology from a critical perspective. Includes a history of the war Scientology waged against those speaking out against the organization via the Internet.
1 Star Exposing the Con
Offers critical information on Scientology and its creator, L Ron Hubbard, including his war records, reported scandals, legal matters, and help for Scientologists.
1 Star
Occupied Clearwater
Offers critical information on Scientology as a cult with a focus on the Tampa Bay area. Includes information on front groups, protest, news, and conspirators.
1 Star
Religious Tolerance: Scientology
Describes the religion, including the history, beliefs, practices, books and magazines.
1 Star
Scientology Church Directory
Locate a Church of Scientology on this international directory.
1 Star
Scientology Effective Drug Solutions
Multilingual information on drug abuse and Scientology solutions to drug addiction and dependency. The drug rehabilitation methods developed by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.
1 Star
Scientology Handbook
Practical Scientology information to help with such things as drugs, relationships, children and problems in life.
1 Star
Scientology Lies
Provides news on lawsuits and complaints against Scientology, a personal view of what's wrong with Scientology, a list of believed lies and crimes, and essays on the negative aspects of Scientology.
1 Star
Scientology Study Technology
Describes the study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, which when applied increases the effectiveness of education. Including an animated description of the three barriers to study. In English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.
1 Star
Scientology Technology to Help Children
Provides data on books, literature and courses giving practical parenting information to help children do better in life.
1 Star
Scientology: A Reference Work
Describes the history of religion and papers by religious scholars. In 9 languages.
1 Star
Scientology: A Religion in South Africa
A paper by David Chidester, Professor of Comparative Religion University of Cape Town South Africa, on Scientology beliefs and whether it is a religion or not.
1 Star
Structure of Scientology Churches
Describes what it means to be a staff member in a church of scientology, and how it is different from any other job. In English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.
1 Star
The Church of Scientology
A joint report on the Church of Scientology, written by a scholar of religion and a social worker and scientist, answering the question "Is Scientology a religion?"
1 Star
Truth About Scientology
Provides information to Scientologist on the corruption of the church. Includes statistics current news, recommended reading, and threatened legal action from the church.
1 Star

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