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Carlos Castaneda's Magical Passes
The official Web site for the modernization of magical passes/movements taught to Carlos Castaneda by Don Juan Matus, a Mexican Indian Shaman.
2 Stars
Dance of the Deer Foundation
The Center for Shamanic Studies is dedicated to keeping the shamanic traditions of the Huichol Indians alive. Offers worldwide workshops, native arts and crafts, detailed book and video reviews.
2 Stars
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Offers workshop and course schedules with descriptions and faculty information. History of the foundation, information on current research and programs, memberships, and detailed book reviews.
2 Stars
Nierica: Shamanism and Shamanic Work of Dr. Tom Pinkson
Dr.Tom Pinkson is a transpersonal psychologist working with children, adults and families facing life threatening illness. Includes background, information about work in shamanism, resources, and writings and articles about shamanism.
2 Stars
Shamanic Visions
Articles and essays on sacred places, Kokopelli, how to play the Native American flute, divination, healing, and Bear Medicine. Includes slide shows, booklist, shamanic music and workshop information.
2 Stars
A thorough overview of Shamanism. Includes information on shamanistic practices all over the world, recommended booklists, definitions of terms and concepts.
2 Stars
Shamanism: Working with Animal Spirits
The characteristics and wisdom of over 300 animals, with photos. Forums, message boards and book lists for adults and children, with synopses.
2 Stars
Flight of the Condor: Contemporary Shamanism
An introduction to shamanism and information on trance techniques with articles on shamanic practices and rituals. Describes Enochian and Siberian shamanism. In English and Dutch.
1 Star
Four Winds Society
A research and training institute in Inka Shamanism, builders of Machu Picchu. Offers information on workshops, and articles by shaman, medical anthropologist, psychologist, and author, Alberto Villoldo.
1 Star
Native Pathways Church
Congregation devoted to contemporary shamanism. Offers free shaman programs and a calendar of events.
1 Star
Star Weavers Lodge
Introduction to a Shamanic path of healing. Offers information on teachings, gatherings, and ceremonial opportunities, objectives, calendar, and resources. Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
1 Star
Toltec Foundation
Contains articles, information about books and events. Includes comments and reviews of literature with links to other review sites.
1 Star
Toltec Nagual
Comprehensive site on Toltec Nagualism, Castaneda, and Miguel Ruiz. Offers sample book chapters and explains Toltec techniques such as seeing and recapitulation.
1 Star

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