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Abode of the Eternal Tao
Provides a short essay on what Taoism is, tools for living a contemporary Taoist life, book chapters, magazine subscription, herbs, and seminar information.
1 Star
Center of Traditional Taoist Studies
Offers an overview of the center, programs and projects, philosophy, Lao Tzu's teachings, newsletter, memberships, and contact information.
1 Star
Daoist Studies
Portal to Taoist research, with a searchable bibliography and links to online and offline courses on Taoism. Available in English and French.
1 Star
Taoism and the Arts of China
Works of art that demonstrate the development of Taoism. Explores themes of tradition, church, and renaissance. Includes diagrams of the Chinese zodiac, Taji, and Trigrams; timeline; classroom lesson plans; glossary.
1 Star
Taoism Initiation Page
Teachings on Taoism and related topics such as tao, yin-yang, wu, wu-wei and the I Ching.
1 Star
Taoism Virtual Library
Offers an introduction to Taoism, Chinese culture and language, classical text, philosophy, reviews of relevant publications, and resource information.
1 Star
Taoist Mission: Singapore
Offers mission objectives, the development of Taoism in Singapore, and Tao as universal. In Chinese with some English translations.
1 Star
True Tao
Offers accurate translations of Tao ancient teachings, articles on living the life of a Taoist, stories, sanctuary, and temple location. In Dutch, English, and French.
1 Star

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