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Directory: Children ~ Pets and Animals

1 - 11

Virtual Fish Tank
Virtual exhibit from the Boston Museum of Science allows you to build your own fish based on characteristics that you select.
3 Stars
Contains news, stories, games, cartoons, pet care, career and animal information.
2 Stars
FBI Working Dogs
Describes working dogs used by the FBI to locate chemical explosives, detect drugs, perform search and rescue operations, and provide services for the disabled. Includes profiles and images of some of the FBI dogs.
2 Stars
Kids' Planet
Features fact sheets on over 50 endangered species, classroom resources, games, and environment protection activities for children.
2 Stars
Planet ARKive
Entertaining and educational nature-related online activities for children. Includes games, facts, quizzes, and stories about animals, plants, and habitats.
2 Stars
Shark School
Includes a FAQ, diagram identifying shark body parts, and facts about ten shark species, information about how to tell the difference between a shark and a ray, a glossary, and games.
2 Stars
Conor is Batty About Bats
Bat facts, planting a bat garden, related links, and a "what kind of bat are you" quiz.
1 Star
Green Iguana Society Kids Club
Learn about iguana care, take the green iguana quiz, color the iguanas and solve the iguana word puzzle.
1 Star
My Smart Puppy
Offers links related to children and their pets. Has ideas for safety and even games for kids of all ages. Also ask pet experts and read articles related.
1 Star
Pets and Disasters
See what you can do for your pet when a disaster such as an earthquake or a tornado strikes. Check out a video, some photos and learn what you can put in your portable
1 Star
Salmon Page
Learn how to catch or buy salmon, find ways to cook it, and read up on how to fish for it or save it from extinction.
1 Star

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