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Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Includes biological science educational resources such as publications, videos, virtual labs, biological animation console, laboratory safety training, and biomedical research news. Features a section on biology for kids.
3 Stars
National Center for Biotechnology Information
A NIH sponsored repository of biotechnology information and online bioinformatics tools.
3 Stars
PubMed Central (PMC)
A free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature from the NIH. All journals in PMC provide free access to full text.
3 Stars
Shape of Life, The
Web site of an eight-part PBS series. Includes episode overview, biorgaphies of scientists, animal phyla, images, activities and resources, and a glossary.
3 Stars
Biology Browser
Includes annotated links to news and life science Web sites, a nomenclatural glossary for zoology, a zoological thesaurus, a forum for biologists and scientists to discuss findings.
2 Stars
Biology Dictionary
Provides definition and examples of common biology terms, including molecular biology, cell biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, ecology and more.
2 Stars
Biology Project
Offers sets, tutorials, and activities for introductory biology topics.
2 Stars
Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy
Anatomical information about main bones of human body. Covers main parts of the body including skull, spine, thorax, pelvis, hand, foot, upper and lower extremities.
2 Stars
Desmids in the Netherlands
A study of desmids, or clear water green algae. Includes photographs, information on various types, reproduction, a map, field notes, literature references, links, and news. In English and Dutch.
2 Stars
Solves the problem of full-text document access in life science research. Instead of search results linking to papers, the search results ARE the papers.
2 Stars
Tree of Life Web Project
A collaborative effort on biodiversity by biologists world wide. Displays scientific information as a tree with branches for animal and organism lineages. Includes a wealth of links to related sources.
2 Stars

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