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Web Elements
Periodic table with a description of each element, history, uses, compounds, electronic properties, physical properties, crystallography, and nuclear properties. Shows the name of the element in several languages.
3 Stars
Users can search the database by chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight. A list of related sites, a short glossary of terms used, and a FAQ file.
2 Stars
Information resource for those in research chemistry, the chemicals industries and related disciplines. Information from journals and databases, careers information, conference listings, news.
2 Stars
Common Molecules Collection
Explores the structures of common molecules in various categories including minerals, elements, vitamins, medicines, drugs, environmental, plants, amino acids, poisons. Each molecule includes a description and a model.
2 Stars
General Chemistry Online
Searchable database of compound names, formulas, structures, and properties; articles and tutorials; database of general chemistry resources; FAQ; glossary. Answers to general chemistry questions that you forgot to ask.
2 Stars
Tomopal: Glass Syringes
Glass syringes, micro syringes, GC HPLC LC ILS SGE syringes ranging from 1.0 ml - 1000.0 ml for industrial and laboratory use.
2 Stars
Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements
Artistic overview by Murray Robertson of the periodic table. Including chemical data, descriptions, physical information, and key isotopes.
2 Stars

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