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Web Elements
Periodic table with a description of each element, history, uses, compounds, electronic properties, physical properties, crystallography, and nuclear properties. Shows the name of the element in several languages.
3 Stars
Users can search the database by chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight. A list of related sites, a short glossary of terms used, and a FAQ file.
2 Stars
Information resource for those in research chemistry, the chemicals industries and related disciplines. Information from journals and databases, careers information, conference listings, news.
2 Stars
Common Molecules Collection
Explores the structures of common molecules in various categories including minerals, elements, vitamins, medicines, drugs, environmental, plants, amino acids, poisons. Each molecule includes a description and a model.
2 Stars
General Chemistry Online
Searchable database of compound names, formulas, structures, and properties; articles and tutorials; database of general chemistry resources; FAQ; glossary. Answers to general chemistry questions that you forgot to ask.
2 Stars
Tomopal: Glass Syringes
Glass syringes, micro syringes, GC HPLC LC ILS SGE syringes ranging from 1.0 ml - 1000.0 ml for industrial and laboratory use.
2 Stars
Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements
Artistic overview by Murray Robertson of the periodic table. Including chemical data, descriptions, physical information, and key isotopes.
2 Stars
Chemistry Information on the Internet
Annotated directory of chemistry Web sites, including reference databases, chemical sources, and general interest sites.
1 Star
Chemistry Preprint Server
Compilation of preprints from all fields of chemistry. Free access after registration.
1 Star
Classic Chemistry
Selected classic papers from the History of Chemistry listed alphabetically or by topic. History of chemistry calendar. Glossary of archaic chemical terms.
1 Star
Edgar Fars Smith Collection
Collection of chemistry related photographs from the 19th century in three categories; scientist's portraits, apparatus images, and laboratory images.
1 Star
Molecular Universe
Resource for college-level students of chemistry with images and explanatory text on molecules and molecular systems. A collection of lessons, arranged into categories, with color illustrations.
1 Star
Molecule of the Month
One molecule for each month dating back to January 1996,with information, diagrams, and links for each.
1 Star
Periodic Table of the Elements
Resource for elementary, middle and high school students from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Information includes atomic number, symbol, weight, electron configuration, brief history, sources, isotopes, uses, properties.
1 Star
Theoretical Chemistry
Brief introduction to the field written for advanced high school and university students.
1 Star

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