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Inventing Entertainment
"The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies" covers the life and work of Thomas Alva Edison. Features early motion pictures and sound recordings, photographs, biography, and timeline.
3 Stars
Universal Leonardo
Presents an overview of linked European exhibitions, scientific research and online resources. Browse through the paintings, manuscripts, inventions and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.
3 Stars
A. Einstein: Image and Impact
Offers information about his life, science, and politics. Discusses the impact of his theories on modern science and includes photos and the full text of some of his writings.
2 Stars
Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online
Includes a bibliography, a manuscript catalog, a biography, and audio files of his works.
2 Stars
Edison's Miracle of Light
Contains a list of Edison's patents, information on AC and DC currents, recordings produced by the Edison company, advertisements for Edison inventions, and a timeline of the inventor's life.
2 Stars
Exhibit by the American Museum of Natural History, New York. Biography, light, time, energy, gravity, hist legacy, and Albert Einstein during World War 2.
2 Stars
Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences
Collection of biographies and information on the contributions of African American scientists.
2 Stars
Forgotten Genius
Companion to a PBS Nova program about the life of Percy Julian. Features a timeline, audio clips of Julian, and material about making steroids.
2 Stars
How Edison Are You?
Interactive showcase of Thomas Edison's contributions to modern day technology.
2 Stars
Invention Dimension
Profiles of inventors and their inventions and a handbook for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs.
2 Stars
Leonardo da Vinci: Experience, Experiment and Design
Exhibition about how Leonardo (1452 - 1519) was able to visualise his theories. Including a timeline of his life, his notebooks, animated illustrations, and the Forster Codices.
2 Stars
Marconi Calling
Provides links to useful resources, bibliography, timeline, and searchable archive that includes photographs, film clips, sound clips, newspaper articles, artifacts, and telegrams sent and received by the Titanic.
2 Stars
Margaret Mead: Human Nature and the Power of Culture
Exhibit about the American anthropologist and writer, including manuscripts, diaries, letters, field notes, drawings, prints, photographs, sound recordings, and film. From the Library of Congress.
2 Stars
Order From Chaos: Linnaeus Disposes
Provides annotated images about pre-Linnaean botany, Linnaeus' scientific accomplishments, and Linnaean impacts. Also includes a bibliography and links to related sites.
2 Stars
Profiles in Science
Archival collections of prominent twentieth-century biomedical scientists, including published and unpublished materials, books, journal volumes, pamphlets, diaries, letters, manuscripts, photographs, audio tapes, and other audiovisual materials.
2 Stars
Samuel F. B. Morse Papers
Included in this collection are correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, scrapbooks, printed matter, maps, drawings. The papers included date from 1793 to 1919.
2 Stars
Tesla - Master of Lightning
Official PBS home for the television show and book. Includes screensavers, resources for teachers, and biography of Nikola Tesla.
2 Stars
Tesla Memorial Society of New York
Provides information on the life of Nikola Tesla. Includes details on his discoveries, links to the Web, and a listing of books and tapes produced by the organization.
2 Stars

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