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Librarian Avengers
Provides commentary on librarians and libraries through articles, Weblog, and forums. Includes reasons why you should fall to your knees and worship a librarian.
2 Stars
Library Cats Map
Provides a list of cats (both living and dead) who live or have lived in libraries. Includes cats by state with pictures, stories, and tributes.
2 Stars
Right-wing librarian
Topical commentary by a librarian and of interest to librarians and those that like libraries. Includes both current and past posts.
2 Stars
Information links for Asian librarians arranged by subject.
1 Star
Andrew Carnegie and Philanthropy Towards Libraries
Examines the sociological reasons why Carnegie gave millions to establish libraries.
1 Star
College & Research Libraries
The official scholarly research journal of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.
1 Star
Comic Books for Young Adults
For librarians planning to develop comic book collections to serve teens at public libraries. Covers collection development policies, recommended titles, and sample artwork.
1 Star
History of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Libraries
Biographical and historical resources, links on Carnegie and the Carnegie libraries, information on other philanthropic projects of the nineteenth century American industrialist.
1 Star
Librarians For Bush/Cheney '04
Offers information on librarians and library sites which support President Bush. Also offers reasons why librarians should support the Patriot Act.
1 Star
Library History Buff
Includes information about library history, the collecting of library memorabilia and artifacts, and the collecting of postal artifacts related to libraries.
1 Star
Library Job Postings
Job listings by location or type of library.
1 Star
Maintained by Mary Minow, attorney, consultant, and professor, School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University. Compilations of issues, current issues for libraries and news.
1 Star
Library Security Resources
Offers a detailed bibliography of resources relating to security in libraries.
1 Star
Library Support Staff
Resources for library paraprofessionals, covering organizations and mailing lists; on-the-job help material; training and development; online learning sites; finding a job; online journals and bibliographies.
1 Star
Map Librarian's Toolbox
Includes map cataloging standards; information about the Federal Depository Library Program; state map resources; vendors of supplies, equipment, and antique maps.
1 Star
Musings on Information and Librarianship
Articles on Internet library resource management.
1 Star
Planning and Building Libraries
Outline of how to plan and build a library. Includes links to associations, building plans, Canadian architecture and construction standards, Canadian and American ADA resources, and award-winning library designs.
1 Star
Reference Rovering and Quality Reference Service
Provides information on how librarians can use the business concept of management by wandering around to improve reference service. Includes bibliography, abstract, and literature review.
1 Star
Total Quality Management in Libraries
Article dealing with how libraries are using total quality management (TQM) to better their services to patrons. Includes a listing of the 14 steps in TQM.
1 Star
This software, available for purchase, allows libraries to offer a Web based ILL electronic request service to patrons without handling software and any local maintenance.
1 Star

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