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Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.
Distributor of automation and motion control systems and components, including servo motors and drives, stepper motors and drives, automation and motion controllers, positioning stages and actuators.
3 Stars
Machine downtime tracking software collects production efficiency data from every machine in your factory, displays it in real time, and produces indispensable reports, including detailed OEE reports.
3 Stars
AMCI - Advanced Micro Controls Inc.
Specializes in the design and manufacturing of resolvers, stepper motion, network devices, encoders, programmable limit switches, packaging system solutions, press system solutions and PLC interface products.
2 Stars
EDM Technologies
An electrical discharge machining (EDM) job shop specializing in wire, sinker, and small hole EDM, and precision machining. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company.
2 Stars
Find and order Fanuc parts with just a few clicks from wherever you are.
2 Stars
JAC Manufacturing
Offers custom industrial control systems design and precise temperature control systems, and thermocouple data acquisition. A trusted industry leader for three decades.
2 Stars
Gauges and quality control systems based on x-ray, isotope, infra-red, microwave and terra-hertz technologies for online non-contact industrial measurement and control systems.
2 Stars
Joining Technologies
Precision joining applications and laser additive manufacturing. Welding, cladding, cutting, and supply chain management.
2 Stars
Laser Particle Counters
Offering reviews and comparisons of particle counters.
2 Stars
Manufacturing AUTOMATION
Canadian-based technical magazine that covers new technology and developments in advanced manufacturing.
2 Stars
Paramount Industries
Offers rapid prototyping, stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), rapid tooling, product design and development, and manufacturing services. Services and technologies described.
2 Stars
Portal to place service requests, gather information and purchase equipment from a manufacturer of industrial diagnostic instruments for leak detection, temperature measurement, and air flow and fluid analysis.
2 Stars
RedEye On Demand
Source for rapid prototyping, manufacturing and tooling. Instant online quotes and ordering.
2 Stars
Trotec Laser Inc.
Produces high-quality laser machines for cutting, marking and engraving. Works with wood, paper, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics and other materials.
2 Stars
Automotive, medical and industrial application leak testers, component and hardness testing and trace gas leak detectors. Browse product and application information and industry news.
2 Stars
Western Environmental Liner Co.
Custom fabricated liners for all industry types, from high temp and chemical resistance to potable water linings. Liners for tanks, pits, ponds, covers, poultry, animal waste, water, acids, concrete, hay, trucks, and more.
2 Stars
Worldwide Laser Systems
A laser automation and integration systems company specializing in new laser systems for laser marking, cutting, and drilling. Offers new and repair parts for CO2 and Nd YAG lasers.
2 Stars

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