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Veg Web
Internet vegetarian community. Recipes, edible plants, cooking meat-free, news and events, and health and wellness.
3 Stars
Deena Kakaya Vegetarian Cooking and Recipes
Recipes by Deena Kakaya have an Indian strand through them, reflecting her ethnic heritage and have influences from throughout the world.
2 Stars
Healthy Recipes: Tasty Tofu Dishes
Recipes and resources for cooking tofu dishes. Collection of tofu recipes including the recipes from Japanese cuisine. Includes the guide to ingredients, food articles, cooking tips, and techniques.
2 Stars
Vegetarian Kitchen
An online cookbook featuring low fat recipes, kitchen wisdom and tips for new and aspiring vegetarians.
2 Stars
East Vegetarian Diet
Online guide for optimal health, beauty, and stamina from an easy, delicious vegetarian diet. Includes tips, articles, and simple vegetarian recipes.
1 Star
Everyday Vegetarian Recipes
A unique and personal collection of vegetarian recipes created and compiled over the course of twenty years of vegetarian cooking.
1 Star
Meatless Monday
Nonprofit organization provides recipes and other resources to encourage people to eat less meat for health reasons.
1 Star
Post Punk Kitchen, The
Vegetarian cooking show on public access, airing in Brooklyn. Shows, recipes, and inspiration.
1 Star
Learn how healthy living raw vegan diet foods can help you to rapid natural weight loss, cleanse, beauty and health. Research articles, news, recipes, reviews, tips and tricks.
1 Star
Find a selection of recipes for soy-based dishes. Learn how to make soy products at home.
1 Star
Guide about tempeh explains how to make tempeh at home. Includes health information and recipes.
1 Star
Vegan Coach
Easy vegan cooking with and without recipes. Includes food selection and cleaning tips, cooking techniques, and Vegan Flavor Matches that make cooking a breeze. Also, helpful everyday vegan nutrition advice.
1 Star
Vegan Diet Success
Tips and ideas for a vegan diet, recipe suggestions and menu ideas.
1 Star
Vegan Guide
News and information relating to all things vegan. Friendly and informative.
1 Star
Vegan Momma
Helping families through vegan pregnancy, raising vegan children, providing vegan recipes for children, and giving support on raising natural, organic children with cloth diapering and homemade baby food.
1 Star
Vegan Nutritionista
A fun, informative guide to going vegan that teaches how vegan diets improve our health, environment, worldwide economy, and lives of farmed animals. It includes vegan recipes, tips, vegan ebooks.
1 Star
Vegetarian Kitchen, The
Vegetarian and vegan recipes, cooking and diet guides, supporting a healthier lifestyle.
1 Star
Healthy vegetarian recipes for comfort food to accommodate gluten-free, diabetic, raw food, and vegan lifestyles in a family setting.
1 Star

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