There are possibly millions of sites that belong in JoeAnt. These are quality sites with interesting and current content, good layout, and easy to navigate. JoeAnt encourages editors to add their own sites as long as they do not violate the guidelines, are rated fairly, have accurate descriptions, and are in the correct subtopic. What doesn’t belong takes a bit more explaining.

Selecting a Site to Add

Site Content

The sites you submit should have sufficient content (more than one page), offer something unique, and be in accordance with the rest of the guidelines.  All sites doing business online should have at least one method of contact other than email (either a phone number or physical address.)

Affiliates and MLM

Spam, Redirects, Meta Sites, and Links Only Pages

Objectionable Content

Selecting a Topic for the Site

If the only feature JoeAnt had to offer was a search, it wouldn’t matter very much where you put your entries as long as you included the keywords in the description. By offering a directory, we are giving the users of JoeAnt a more precise way to find the information they need. They can drill down through the topics to get as specific as they want.

This is why you need to find the most appropriate topic for your entry. Sites that offer information about a variety of things will need to go in more general higher level topics. Those that are more specific should be put in the lower level topics. If it will fit in a subtopic put it there. If it would fit in two or more subtopics put it in the next higher level topic. If you can’t find a topic for an entry, use the board to ask for opinions as to where you should put the entry or to request a new subtopic.

Using the Correct URL

Descriptions and Titles


Rating the Site


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